Episode 74 – Tucker Beathard

Former high school baseball star and up and coming Country music singer/songwriter Tucker Beathard chats with Chris about growing up in Nashville the son of a successful songwriter in a family of athletes. Stay tuned to the end for an acoustic rendition of his hit song, “Momma and Jesus.”

Episode 73 – Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams takes Chris through the ups and downs of a long and wonderful career.

Episode 72 – Andrew Leahey

Andrew Leahey runs through the ups and downs of his life as frontman of The Homestead (as well as part-time sideman and sometime music journalist) on this weeks Walking The Floor! Stay tuned all the way to the end for a brand new unreleased song.

Episode 71 – Aaron Lee Tasjan

Psychedelic Cosmic Rock’N’Roller Aaron Lee Tasjan discusses the merits of micro-dose infused songwriting, bedazzled thrift store suits, and playing the role of Johnny Thunders in the reformed NY Dolls on this weeks “Walking The Floor.”

Episode 70 – Courtney Marie Andrews

From touring in a Greyhound bus and busking on street corners to becoming an emerging singer/songwriter on the Americana scene, Courtney Marie Andrews has packed a lot into her 26 summers. Listen to the end for her acoustic rendition of “Table For One” from her latest record, “Honest Life.”

Episode 69 – Tim Easton

Chris and Americana veteran Tim Easton get down to the nitty gritty in this open and honest discussion.

Episode 68 – Slim Jim Phantom

Slim Jim Phantom declares that the Stray Cats were more country than anyone! Plus we talk about his new book, “A Stray Cat Struts: My Life As A Rockabilly Rebel,” his love of jazz and prog, and all things rockabilly.

Episode 67 – Mickey Raphael

Mickey Raphael never officially got asked to join Willie Nelsons band, he was just never asked to leave, and has been going strong with him since 1973. On this weeks episode he blows a little harp and tells a few tales while sitting backstage at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles.

Episode 66 – Taylor Goldsmith

Taylor Goldsmith from Dawes goes deep on subjects like songwriting, growing up in Malibu, and how his band has the most mispronounced name in rock’n’roll!

Episode 65 – BJ Barham

Populism abounds in this conversation with the hardest working man in Americana – BJ Barham!