Episode 46 – John Doe

This week Chris talks with punk rock gentleman, John Doe, from the band X, about his new record and book. Plus, John was nice enough to let Chris sit-in for a couple tunes at the end. Yee haw!!

Episode 42 – Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother)

Andrew Stockdale, the mastermind behind Australia’s “Wolfmother,” battled sickness and promotional mayhem to sit with Chris and discuss making records, hoarding, effect pedals, and Byron Bay surfing tips.

Episode 39 – Spike Slawson (Me First and the Gimme Gimmes)

Listen in as Chris and Spike sip espresso on the back porch and chit chat about Pittsburgh, dive bars, and the art of picking cover tunes!

Episode 37 – Jack Grisham (TSOL / The Joykiller)

Lead singer of punk rock bands TSOL and The Joykiller, Jack Grisham holds forth on a number of topics, including the early days of the SoCal punk rock scene, motivational speaking, revisionist punk rock history, and his passion for writing, on this weeks episode of “Walking The Floor with Chris Shiflett.”

Episode 36 – Steven McDonald (Redd Kross)

Chris closes out 2015 interviewing LA punk rock legend Steven McDonald (Redd Kross)

Episode 29 – Mike Ness

This week Chris interviews punk rock icon Mike Ness, lead singer/guitarist for Orange County’s Social Distortion.
Bonus Video
On Meeting Johnny Cash:

Entry into Punk Rock:

Episode 17 – Sami Yaffa

This week Chris talks to ambassador of rock’n’roll, Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks, NY Dolls, Michael Monroe Band)

Episode 14 – Matt Skiba

This week Chris sits down with Matt Skiba, the singer and guitarist of Alkaline Trio

Episode 11 – Jonny “Two Bags” Wickersham

This week Chris talks to his buddy Jonny “Two Bags” Wickersham (Social Distortion) about the joy of disco music and discovering punk rock in Mammoth, CA from a guy with a rat tail and a Sting haircut.

Episode 10 – Peter Case (Pt 2)

This week Chris sits upstairs at McCabes Guitar Shop in a dusty little room crowded with old guitar cases, and talks to punk-rock-and-roll-folk-lifer Peter Case about his wild adventures and the artists life.